About us

Armon Limited is a doner kebab production company established in 1990 based on 20 years business experience in doner kebab take away. Our family founded one of the first kebab take away business in North West and then North Wales in 1980′s. Due to the lack of doner manufacturers, every product was created in the shop from freshly bought meat on a daily basis and a very special recipe was developed for home made doner using natural ingredients.

The successes achieved in our business encouraged us to invest on doner kebab manufacturing industry as Armon Limited in order to share the delicious taste and original doner recipe inherited from our Turkish ancestors and developed by our family.

Our aims are introducing and spreading the traditional Turkish doner kebab to all over the UK. Our target is 100% customer satisfaction with the perfect and best quality lamb doner kebab.

We produce the top quality lamb doner kebab and lamb products using the meat selection of the best British lamb suppliers who also are in cooperation with the most reputable supermarket chains of the UK. None of our products include chemical materials.

Armon Limited is also the quality suppliers of other lamb products like lamb shish, lamb chunk and lamb kofte mince from the leanest parts of the lamb fore quarters.

All Armon products have been scientifically tested regularly. Food hygiene regulations have been applied by production managers and the related staff training provided in every occasion.